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As more high-density IT applications are consistently introduced, the demand for data increases, thereby raising the need for effectively cooling the mission-critical server racks in data centers.

Patented Cooling System

A revolutionizing rear-door solution for effective data center cooling. New Nordic Data Cooling provides a patented liquid cooling solution for server racks ranging from 2 to 100 kW per cabinet, while also minimizing the energy required for the process.

The Energy-Efficient Choice

The New Nordic Data Cooling-solution® supports the world’s expanding data requirements and the necessity for efficient cooling. Simultaneously, it addresses future sustainability and scalability needs.

Easy Transition

Expanding your system to match your current IT load is effortless, avoiding the necessity for data center redesign or interruptions to critical services.


This adaptable cooling solution can be swiftly installed, ensuring system scalability and future-proofing. Furthermor, it is build to fit the rear of the rack, reducing space requirements by 80% or more.


It is optimized for maintenance and troubleshooting since the Virtual Distribution Unit (VDU) allows the isolation of individual racks without disrupting adjacent units.

The tailormade service packages ensures from 5 years warranty to life time quarantee, monitoring of all components and regular data driven services.

All our solutions are delivered in well-designed cabinets of the highest quality.

A revolutionizing rear-door solution for effective data center cooling

The NNDC-Solution® effectively eliminates heat right from the server rack’s source, utilizing a rear door heat exchanger (RDHx). This RDHx then transfers the heat to the building’s chilled water system running by a controller Unit (Vitual distribution unit).

The great aspect of NNDC-Solution® is its non-existent thermal impact on the white space and its compact footprint. It has undergone assessment since 2007 in comparison with competing cooling methods, and it stands out as the most energy-efficient and flexible option (From 2 to 100 kW per cabinet and capable of potentially making the data center carbon-negative) for server racks with medium to high heat densities.

It has been demonstrated to consume merely 20% of the energy used by conventional close control air conditioning unit-based systems.

Better than other
cooling solutions

Since 2007, the New Nordic Data Cooling solution has been extensively evaluated alongside competing liquid cooling methods, emerging as the most energy-efficient choice for server racks with medium to high heat densities.

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In a groundbreaking collaboration, NNDC is thrilled to announce its selection as the liquid cooling partner for the cutting-edge High- Performance Computing (HPC) initiative at AQ Compute Datacenter in Hønefoss, Norway. This exciting partnership marks a significant leap forward in the quest for more efficient and sustainable cooling solutions in the data center industry.

This will be the first CO2 negative datacenter in the world. Sæby DHP’s vision is to be the leading CO2 free District Heating plant in Denmark, through innovative partnerships and using new technology and solutions.

A solution with chip cooling and the need for cooling around 3 MW and about 30 cabinets. This is the most efficient cooling solution there are. The University is using all the heat from the servers to heat up the campus and saving energy, money and CO2.

Our 1.5 MW rear door cooling solution. Providing cabinet flexibility from 2 to 50 kW, it delivers substantial energy savings. Currently not utilizing heat collection, there’s room for improvement as we look toward potential community sharing.

A data center with a rear door cooling solution boasting 2.2 MW total capacity. Offering cabinet flexibility from 2 to 50 kW, it efficiently collects heat to warm the office building. Successfully operational for over a decade, this sustainable solution stands the test of time.

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