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February 22nd 2024

New Nordic Data Cooling with 180 RDHx to Revolutionize High-Performance Computing Cooling at AQ Compute Datacenter

In a groundbreaking collaboration, NNDC is thrilled to announce its selection as the liquid cooling partner for the cutting-edge High- Performance Computing (HPC) initiative at AQ Compute Datacenter in Hønefoss, Norway. This exciting partnership marks a significant leap

forward in the quest for more efficient and sustainable cooling solutions in the data center industry.

A Vision of Innovation

As the demand for computational power continues to surge, data centers worldwide face the challenge of maintaining optimal operating conditions while also reducing energy consumption and environmental impact. Recognizing the need for innovation, AQ Compute Datacenter embarked on a mission to revolutionize its cooling infrastructure for its HPC cluster.

NNDC: Pioneering Liquid Cooling Excellence

NNDC, renowned for its expertise in cutting-edge liquid cooling solutions, emerged as the ideal partner to bring this vision to life. With a track record of implementing liquid cooling solutions that enhance efficiency and sustainability, NNDC is poised to play a pivotal role in the success of this ambitious project.

The Advantages of Liquid Cooling

Liquid cooling technology offers a host of advantages over traditional air cooling methods. These include:

  1. Enhanced Cooling Efficiency: Liquid cooling solutions can effectively dissipate heat from high-performance computing equipment, enabling consistent and reliable operation even under extreme
  2. Energy Efficiency: By efficiently transferring heat away from critical components, liquid cooling reduces the need for power- hungry air conditioning systems, leading to substantial energy
  3. Sustainability: As the world increasingly prioritizes eco-friendly practices, liquid cooling aligns with the data center industry’s sustainability goals by reducing carbon emissions and minimizing the environmental impact.
  4. Scalability: Liquid cooling allows for more compact and scalable data center designs, enabling AQ Compute to expand its infrastructure seamlessly in response to growing computational

AQ Compute Datacenter: Leading the Way

AQ Compute Datacenter is at the forefront of innovation in the data center industry. By adopting advanced cooling solutions, such as NNDC’s liquid cooling technology, AQ Compute is positioning itself as a pioneer in delivering high-performance computing capabilities while minimizing its environmental footprint.

A Greener and More Powerful Future

The collaboration between NNDC and AQ Compute Datacenter is not merely a partnership; it’s a statement of intent. It signifies the commitment to ushering in a greener and more powerful future for high-performance computing. Together, they are poised to set

new industry standards and inspire others to embrace liquid cooling solutions in their data center operations.


NNDC’s selection as the liquid cooling partner for AQ Compute Datacenter’s HPC initiative is a testament to the growing recognition of liquid cooling’s transformative potential in the data center industry. This partnership embodies the spirit of innovation, sustainability, and efficiency that is essential for addressing the evolving demands of high-performance computing. As AQ Compute Datacenter takes this monumental leap forward, the industry watches with anticipation, knowing that this collaboration represents a major milestone in the quest for smarter, greener, and more powerful data center solutions.

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October 2nd 2023

Sæby District Heat Plant

Sæby District Heat Plant is a well managed district heat and power plant, owned by its 3.600 end consumers, as a non-profit limited liability company. Sæby DHP´s vision is to be the leading CO2 free District Heating plant in Denmark, through innovative partnerships and using new technology and solutions.

Sæby DHP have focus on delivering stable, environment friendly and cost-effective district heating to end-consumers and nearby district heating companies.

Currently the district heat and electricity is produced with a combination of natural gas engines, natural gas and electric boilers and solar heat panels, delivering 80.000 MWh of district heating and more than 30.000 MWh of electricity per year.

With this new solution connected with the datacenter campus, it will be possible for Sæby DHP to supply heat to neighboring heat plants within 15 km radius, which have a potential of 200.000 MWh of district heating a year.

When the datacenter campus is fully build the capacity will be 100 MW and with the flexibility to go from 2 kW and up to 150 kW in one cabinet depending on the server technology.

This will be the first CO2 negative datacenter in the world.

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